Fiat 2300S Coupe



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  • Year


  • Make


  • Model

    2300 S Coupe

  • Engine Capacity


  • Engine Configuration

    Inline 6

  • Exterior

    Scuderia Rosso / Grigio Nuvolari

  • Interior




  • Transmission

    5-Speed Manual

  • Chassis no.


  • Delivered new to its first owner in Trento, Italy, during the summer of 1968.
  • The car’s original Italian registration and logbook show that it remained in Italy for the next 43 years! Only changing hands twice in that time.
  • In 2011, it was officially exported from Italy and made its way into France, whereupon it was sold to the current UK owner the following year.
  • After being officially imported into the UK in 2012, the owner immediately set about gently recommissioning the car.
  • However, as is all too often the way, the project soon escalated into a full blown restoration, and so in 2013 the car was entrusted to Autofficina for a full mechanical overhaul and rebuild to the tune of £18,000.
  • Once completed, they then turned their attention to the bodywork, which was soon stripped back, prepared and repainted. But not just back to its original red, oh no. Being an avid Ferrari collector, the owner decided on a two-tone Ferrari colour scheme – Scuderia Rosso with a Grigio Nuvolari roof.
  • Since then, the car has been used sparingly and maintained by Autoficcina and Italian classic guru, Vince Mezzulo.
  • People often resign the Fiat brand to being simply the producers of cheap and cheerful cars for the masses, and overlook the fact that at one time they were also responsible for some of the most gorgeous and well-engineered luxury GT cars of the period.
  • The Fiat 2300S Coupe is quite a special car whichever way you look at it. A wonderful Ghia designed body with a beautifully appointed and comfortable interior. A huge boot for luggage, plenty of room in the back for passengers, and almost 360 degree visibility thanks to acres of glass.
  • And that’s before we’ve even mentioned the engine. An immensley robust and reliable 2.3L straight-6 designed by none other than Aurelio Lampredi – yes, the same chap who designed all those legendary engines for Ferrari…
  • And then to top it off, being the 2300 ‘S’ model, the drivetrain was further developed by Abarth to extract just that little bit of extra power and usability.
  • As an overall package then, you’ve got a fully restored car from marque specialists, you’ve got the 1960s, you’ve got Ghia, you’ve got Aurelio Lampredi, and then you’ve also got Abarth. And all of this for £35,000? Come on.

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