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Subaru Impreza P1



Price: £55,000

  • Year


  • Make


  • Model

    Impreza P1

  • Engine Capacity


  • Engine Configuration

    Inline 4 Turbocharged

  • Exterior

    Sonic Blue

  • Interior/Trim




  • Transmission

    5-Speed Manual

  • Chassis no.


  • Recorded Mileage

    66,000 Miles

  • Our P1 was first registered on the 26th April 2001 at TH White Ltd Subaru in Cirencester.
  • With only 1000 units produced exclusively for the UK market, this car is number 557/1000.
  • Falling in line with Subaru’s service guidelines of being serviced every 7500 miles, the car never missed a service all the way until 2011.
  • The final service was recorded on the 17th of October 2011, used for a brief period, and then put into professional storage in 2012.
  • Once we had agreed with the car’s current owner that we were going to bring it to market, we had it delivered to marque specialists Auto Torque in Aylesbury.
  • Auto Torque carried out an extensive recommission of the car to make sure it was checked for all faults, fully serviced and ready for its next owner to get in and enjoy right away!
  • Please see the Documentation section below for a full breakdown of what’s been carried out, and we’d encourage any interested parties to call Auto Torque directly for their view (having just been through the entire car).
  • In our eyes, this car is a fantastic example. Particular comments have been made to the fantastic condition of the underside (a common weak point on these cars), and complete originality, with the only non-original part being the dash mounted gauges which can be easily reversed.
Some words from the owner:
  • This is the 5th Impreza turbo that we have owned. I was lucky enough to have 2 of them as company cars in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, a standard WRX and then a P1. I did aprox 80,000 miles both over 3 or 4 years in both and then the fleet company took them back. My wife had 2 WRX’s as her everyday cars as well. I bought this car in 2010. I had been searching around for a P1 for a while, and most were in poor condition or had been modified or abused. Eventually this car appeared at a Subaru dealer, TH White ltd in the Cotswolds. It had been owned from new by a local with a collection of cars and the P1 was making way for a new Aston Martin in his garage. For those that are not aware, the P1 was built by Prodrive who ran the WRC rally team for Subaru, and was only sold in the UK and only 1000 were built. It used the 3 door body shell as per the rally cars and had a host of changes from the standard WRX and STI models. In its day it was (and still is) a superbly capable car on British B-roads and the suspension was very highly regarded in particular by motoring journalists. When Prodrive developed the car, they actually wanted to put some upgraded parts on it but the accountants at Subaru UK would not let them and so they offered the parts as after market options, either via the dealers or directly. The full package was called a WR.This car had a number of the upgrades fitted by TH White from new, as follows:-

    Prodrive P1 exhaust

    Prodrove projector driving lamps, replacing the fog lamps under the front bumper

    Prodrive 18 inch wheels

    Prodrive mats and boot mat.

    I also had fitted the Prodrive brake upgrade 330mm kit when I bought the car by TH White.

    The only other option not fitted to the car to get to full Prodrive WR spec were electric Recaro seats which I felt were unnecessary and expensive.

    I used the car sparingly at weekends and had 2 trips to the Nurburgring in it with friends.

    I also had a set of gauges installed in the centre console. This is entirely reversible and the original lid for the compartment is with the car, as is the fog lamps, and an indoor car cover.

    As work and family life got in the way of driving, I eventually stored the car professionally in 2012.”

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