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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR FQ-360 by HKS


Price: £49,500

  • Year


  • Make


  • Model

    Lancer Evo IX MR FQ-360 by HKS

  • Engine Capacity


  • Engine Configuration

    Inline 4 Turbocharged

  • Exterior


  • Interior/Trim

    Black Recaro



  • Transmission

    6-Speed Manual

  • Chassis no.


  • Registration


  • Recorded Mileage

    50,000 miles

  • This Evo IX was first registered on the 9th of November 2007 at Robert Bowett Mitsubishi in Leeds.
  • Falling in line with Mitsubishi’s service guidelines of being serviced every 4500 miles, the car has never missed a service all the way until 2017.
  • The final service was recorded on the 29th of July 2017, used for a brief period where it covered a mere 1800 miles, and then put into professional storage.
  • Once we had agreed with the car’s current owner that we were going to bring it to market, we had the delivered via transport to Auto Torque in Aylesbury. Auto Torque carried out an extensive recommission of the car to make sure it was checked for all fault, fully serviced and ready for it’s next owner to get in and enjoy right away!(Please see our documents section for the entire breakdown of what has been done.)
  • In our eyes, and Auto Torques’, this car is a fantastic example. Whether it’s to be resided into a collection, or used as intended once again, the next owner will not be disappointed.
Some words from the owner:
  • I have always been a fan of rallying, ever since childhood when 2 of my uncles used to take me spectating in the North Yorkshire moors. When I started driving in 1984, one of the first things I did in a car was follow the RAC rally for 5 days around the country, and I only missed 1 event in the subsequent years until Covid in 2020.For many of those years I owned Audi Quattro’s of various types and then Subaru Impreza’s. The Evo was always a little too extreme as an every day car for me, given that I averaged around 25 to 30k miles per annum and spent a lot of it on motorways.One of my friends owned an Evo 8 for a while and he very kindly allowed me to drive it and I was blown away with the handling and feel of the car and how different it was from the Impreza.After some considerable searching and researching I decided that we needed one of these rally greats in our car collection, and I set about finding a suitable candidate. It was either to be an Evo 6 TMK edition or the last of the line Evo 9. I wanted an original unmodified car that had not been abused. It took some finding as only 225 or so were ever sold in the UK, and some certainly were used for rallying over time.Mitsubishi released many special editions over time, but this was one always considered the ultimate spec, and was the last of the line with the famous engine that carried the team to so many rally successes.Eventually we found this car which checked out and had good history. We used it very sparingly at home for weekend drives for a short while, however work and family got in the way of driving and thus we put the car into professional storage, joining others from our collection.”

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