MG MGA Coupe



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    MGA Coupe

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    Inline 4

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    4-Speed Manual w. Overdrive

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the sports car today is an mga

  • The MGA was a sports car produced by MG from 1955-1962.
  • Over its life more than 100,000 examples were produced, with the vast majority being exported to overseas markets. A mere 5,869 units were delivered to the UK.
  • Over the course of production, the MGA was offered with various different B-Series engines, including the 1,489cc and the 1,598cc. Later years of production also saw the “Twin-Cam”.
  • All cars were offered with a four speed manual, with some being offered with overdrive.
  • Rack and pinion steering delivered a direct and confident drive, while the suspension was fully independent to further improve the driving experience.
  • Our ‘works inspired’ MGA Coupe has been completely rebuilt with historic rallying in mind.
  • The current owner has gone to every length to ensure the car will deliver in all terrains and conditions.
  • See below for the full specification and accompanying spares list:

Engine Specification

    • 1,860 cc – Small Dish Pistons (+60 thou)
    • 10.65:1 Compression Ratio
    • Pocketed Block
    • Flat Steel Crank
    • Harmonic Damped Pulley
    • Stage 4 Cylinder Head 1.4 inlets (unleaded)
    • ST Rocker Shaft & Pillars
    • Cam – Kent 718
    • 1 3/4 SU Carbs – BBW Needles
    • Ethanol-Proof Floats & Needles
    • Separate Oil Breather & Tank
    • Facet Competition Red Top Fuel Pump
    • Ignitor Electronic Ignition & Coil
    • Filter King – Fuel Filter
    • Hi-Torque Starter Motor
    • Maniflow Exhaust System (2 inch diameter)
    • Baffled Sump
    • Screw-on MGB Oil Filter
    • Oil Cooler
    • Alternator
    • Alloy Competition Radiator
    • Kenlowe Cooling Fan
    • Uprated Water Pump

Gearbox & Drive

    • 4-Speed All-Synchro w. MGB Overdrive
    • Reconditioned by Hardy Engineering 2013 (Approx)
    • Competition Overdrive (Clutch & Solenoid) – Hardy Engineering
    • Overdrive Switch on Gearstick
    • Competition Uprated Clutch
    • Modified Gearbox Cover
    • Shortened Propshaft
    • Gearbox & Tunnel Covers mounted over Floor Boards for faster maintenance
    • Reversing Light operated from Gearbox
    • 4.5:1 Differential with Quaife LSD – Hardy Engineering
    • Rear Axle Reconditioned Jan 2002 and 2013?


    • MGB Front Calipers & Adapters (Standard Pads Fitted), but Competition Linings in Spares Package
    • New Rear Drums fitted 2002
    • Fly-Off Handbrake


    • Uprated MGB Front Shock Absorbers
    • Negative Camber Front Spring Pan Arms (MGB)
    • Front Anti-roll Bar
    • Rare Adjustable Rear Lever Arm Shock Absorbers
    • Poly-Bushes All Round


    • Restored 2004 to 2009
    • Back to bare metal restoration of Chassis and Body
    • New wings (4), Bonnet, F section sills
    • Le Mans Air Vent in Front Valence to Carbs
    • Louvered Bonnet
    • Oil Cooler Scoop
    • Modified Bonnet Prop Location
    • Front Inner Wings Louvered (as per Twin Cam MGA) for additional cooling
    • Front & Rear Towing Eye
    • Laminated Front Screen
    • Mini-van Roof Vent
    • Strengthened Rear Boot to support Spare Wheel,
    • S/S Boot Rack modified to carry Spare Wheel with easy spin on/off mount
    • Resprayed Chariot Red solid colour and lacquered
    • Front & Rear Mud Guards
    • Front & Rear S/S Splash Guards under wings
    • Undersealed, cavities and sills sealed
    • Alloy Sump Guard
    • S/S Fuel Tank
    • Flip-up Alloy Fuel Filler
    • Spotlight Mounting Brackets
    • Window winder mechanisms restored


    • Roll-cage (specially made and fitted) fully padded – safety devices onto to chassis
    • Motolita Steering Wheel
    • Bonnet Interior Light
    • Boot Interior Light
    • All lines inside; Electric, Fuel, Brakes
    • Additional Map Pockets on A panels
    • Additional storage nets on both doors
    • Compass Dash Mounted
    • Brantz International 2 Tripmeter
    • Slip Ring Steering Wheel Horn Push
    • Air Horns
    • Navigator Horn Button
    • Navigator Wiper Switch
    • Navigator Map Reading Light
    • Roll-cage Interior Light – Don Barrow
    • Driver Washer Wiper Switch
    • Twin Electric operated Washer Jets
    • Angled Speedo, Face Operated Trip (reads fast)
    • Full Harnesses onto Roll-cage
    • MGA Coupe Leather Seats
    • Re-carpeted Interior
    • S/S Door Sill Plates & Door Kick Plates
    • 12V Single Battery
    • Storage Bin where Second Battery was fitted
    • Alloy Battery Compartment Cover
    • Driver Side Door Mirror
    • Master Isolator Switch under Dash w. Additional Exterior Pull Switch
    • Route Card Holder
    • Adjustable Interior Driver Rear View Mirror
    • Cigarette Lighter Socket for Potti etc
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Rear Shelf
    • Galvanised Steel Toe Boards
    • Trafficator Warning Light in front Driver
    • Auxiliary Fuse Box on Dash
    • High & Low Beam Headlight Switch on Dash
    • Driver & Navigator Sun Visors
    • Oil Warning Light on Dash


    • 1600 (1,588cc) Engine, High-Lift Camshaft, Stage 2 Cylinder Head, Balanced, ‘Lined’ Block
    • Gearbox, Overdrive & Dismantled Gearbox
    • Standard MGA Radiator
    • Water Pump
    • Petrol Tank Guard
    • 4 Sets of Front Springs
    • Alloy Rocker Cover
    • I 1/2 SU H4
    • Second Bonnet Prop
    • Spare Window Glass x2 (one with old rally stickers)
    • Front Suspension Lower Arms (non-negative camber – original)
    • Window Winder Mechanism (Coupe)
    • 4.3 Differential
    • 4.3 Crown Wheel & Pinion
    • Chariot Red empty can of original colour
    • EBC Greenstuff Front Disk Brake Pads (partly used)
    • Rear Brake Shoes VG95
    • Brake Hoses (Aeroquip)
    • Facet Red Top Petrol Pump
  • If you would like to arrange for a viewing and/or test drive, then please do get in touch – we would be delighted to help!

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