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Adler Trumpf 1.7 E.V Sport Cabriolet


Restoration Project

Price: £50,000.00

  • Year


  • Make


  • Model


  • Engine Capacity


  • Engine Configuration

    Inline 4



  • Transmission

    4-Speed Manual

  • Chassis no.




  • Adler was a German automobile manufacturer that was founded in Frankfurt in 1900. The company was originally called “Hamburger Automobil-Werke” and was later renamed “Adlerwerke AG” in 1908.
  • Adler initially produced bicycles and then moved on to the production of motorcycles and automobiles. The first Adler automobile, the Adler 4 ½ HP, was produced in 1900. In the following years, Adler produced a variety of vehicles, including trucks, buses, and luxury cars.
  • Adler’s automobiles were known for their reliability and quality, and the company became one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Germany. Adler’s cars were also known for their innovative features, such as a four-wheel brake system, independent suspension, and front-wheel drive.
  • During World War II, Adler’s production facilities were destroyed, and the company was forced to stop production. After the war, Adler attempted to resume production, but faced financial difficulties and was eventually acquired by the Grundig Group in 1957. The last Adler car, the Adler 2.5 Liter, was produced in 1958.
  • Today, Adler cars are considered classic and vintage vehicles and are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.
This Car
  • Sold as a complete project, however the engine has been kept with oil in throughout it’s life so is still moving internally. Please do not be mistaken though, it does not run in any capacity.

    Please do email us for any further help, or to arrange a viewing.

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